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Food Truck Festivals

Food Truck Festivals

Food trucks are increasingly popular – concession stands on wheels that offer a delicious variety ranging from the concession classics (hotdogs, burgers) to culinary creative meals. There are reality TV shows about it (The Great Food Truck Race) and also they make cameo appearances on tv sitcoms (one example I can think of right away is the beer truck story line on the Cleveland Show).

Beer Bike


Talking about beer trucks, here is one you can rent for the day – if you are in Germany. Well, actually it’s more of a beer cart or beer bicycle – they call it Party Bike. Check out their website for great photos of all of the fun to be had when you combine beer, bicycles, and a bunch of Germans.

Parked! New York City


On August 20, over 30 food trucks gathered at the South Street Sea Port for a food truck festival called Parked!. You can read more about it at the NYC food blog, Looky Tasty.

Santa Anita Food Truck Festival

Last April, the Santa Anita Food Truck Festival took over the entire infield of the race track (it’s a horse racing park) and featured 80 food trucks, including the famous Grilled Cheese truck and the Lobsta truck. Check out the Santa Anita website for a droolifying list of the other trucks there and then start planning your visit for next year.

Big Trucks At Little Rock


In just a few days, Little Rock Arkansas will host its first Food Truck Festival. It is going to take place on Main between 3rd and 7th on October 1st.

Haute Texas



The Haute Wheels Houston festival specialized in culinary creations froms some of the best chefs in the city – they took over the Southwest campus of Houston Community College last May. No word if this is an annual event or not – to read about Houston’s first food truck festival, visit their site Almost 3,000 people like their Facebook page so I’m guessing the event was a success.

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