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Concession Obsession: Soundtrack to Snack By

I was watching some Pogues music videos on YouTube recently when I noticed the concession stand for the first time (I can’t help it, I can spot a concession stand any where). That got me thinking, what other video clips feature concessions, concession foods, or concession trailers? The Smashing Pumpkins music video with the ice cream truck, of course (the song is called Today) – but are there any others? That is when I began my quest to find….

Concession Stands and Snacks Featured in Music, Lyrics, and Music Videos

There is a very scene from the movie Semi Pro that involves corn dogs (not included in this article due to the strong language) and there is also a fantastic scene involving a deep fried Twinkie concession stand in the movie Zombie Land.

The movie Big has a cute scene involving a hot dog purchased at a concession stand.

Cyndi Lauper She Bop

Then there’s Cyndi Lauper’s She Bop video which features a burger diner more than an actual concession, but I’m still including it anyways.

Cotton Candy

Hot Dog Song

Not too sure what this is all about, but it was weird enough to be entertaining so it’s being included in this collection today. Check out our history of the hot dog cart article for some hot dog history and the hottest hot dog gift ideas.

I Would Like to Buy a Hamburger

Hamburgers are also a big part of the concession experience and sometimes it feels like they are overlooked. Here is a hamburger scene from the Steve Martin Pink Panther remake – if you aren’t craving a burger by the end of the clip, let me know!

What are some other famous movie clips, music videos, or songs that feature a concession treat?

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